At Coin Trader’s Evolution (CTE) Advisor, we provide world-class consulting to upcoming and existing crypto-currency teams. We strive to progressively expand: vision, insight and understanding by focusing on essential ideas, such as your blockchain vision, harboring larger community involvement and constructing a perfected framework to operate within. By being Crypto / ICO advisors since 2015 and having gained universal hands-on altcoin experiences, we properly understand the crucial knowledge needed to successfully launch and maintain your ICO or STO. Our objective is to provide you with quality strategy and growth consulting, so you posses the capacity to achieve all your blockchain goals.


Investing, trading and creating new crypto markets is a highly volatile endeavor; minimizing risk for your community is the most essential step you can take. Our experienced team of ICO, IEO and STO advisors has been actively involved in nearly every crypto process, from inception to active post-ICO phases.


During times of uncertainty and confusion, we repeatedly give in-depth insight and breakdowns on ongoing and unfavorable situations. With some of the best ICO experts, we provide well-rounded briefs and consulting on a routine basis, having possible solutions to a considerable variety of key questions and potential problems.


Crypto-currency has always been highly manipulative and often an unforgiving industry. CTE Advisor’s established reputation is tied to the founder, T.k. Hamed, who’s been an active: crypto community member, team advisor and a crypto leader for the past 5 years

Strategic Growth With our ICO Advisors

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The ICO market has grown tremendously into a multi-billion-dollar industry. We accurately identify the areas and niche‘s these coins thrive in, amply providing our clients satisfactory advice for gaining optimal levels of market share. Over the preceding 5 years, we’ve witnessed all: shapes, sizes and key trends naturally occur in the crypto sphere. It’s essential to acknowledge what investors want, which coins are sought after and what drives certain: blockchains, tokens and coins, to be valued more than others.

How we Evaluate ICO, STO and IEOs

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We Target The 20%

It’s accurately estimated that almost 80% of all ICOs are scams or get-rich-quick schemes. At CTE Advisor our ICO Advisors attempt to deal with the remaining 20% of coins to launch, ensuring our present clients can rely on our integrity and dignity to spotlight their coin in the best light.

In regards to the 80% (scams), there remains varying levels of degrees. More often than not some classified scams did not conduct thorough research or encounter expert individuals directing them. Others did not precisely understand the social atmosphere and unique environment they were operating within. Many endless issues can arise when starting a blockchain or token.

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Varying Levels of Success From The 10%

Almost 8-10% of ICO’s to launch (moved onto trade) have taken all the necessary steps to achieve satisfactory results. Investments in ICOs comes in varying levels of degrees and it’s more common that an ICO or airdrop that has been funded over $500 million+ (as depicted above) are often the more successful coins, this is ultimately due to many factors. At the current time, there’s a great want to achieve ICO’s hardcap (typically $2-15m) to address with any situation that could arise; But, experience of teams, the idea itself and SEM optimization does not necessarily correlate to the maximum ICO fund targets. In conjunction, the crypto-markets have undergone drastic funding changes since early 2017-2018. Many factors come into play when launching an ICO, gaining support and funding that’s needed.

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Expected Outcome and Crypto-Markets

How to Sustain After the ICO

Advising Our Clients

The following typically encompasses what you can reasonably expect from our expert ICO advisors. This does not represent our unique insight or extensive knowledge, but mainly the elementary ideas and comprehensive framework that we operate within.


Before we begin our first interactions with clients, intricate research is conducted behind what has been already created. Due to the dynamic and changing nature of crypto, research remains the most essential step for all crypto: investors, enthusiasts, professionals and businesses. We come to the understanding: the niche of your coin, failures with strategy/growth and analyze all existing or former competition. These are just some of the several researching steps we take during this process.

Problems and Forecasts

Examining faults, failures, and well-perceived ideas behind your ICO or Airdrop. This process begins before the coin is launched or during the early creation processes. These problems are often found during the research phase and persist throughout the entire phase of your ICO. Understanding specific: details, analytics and forecasts on a fundamental basis remains one of the most crucial actions taken by us.

Advisory & Strategy

Iterating on your fundamental ideas and re-working them when needed. By examining flaws before they are made public or correcting existing problems, helps the appearance of your coin to be more well-received by your community. We advise our clients on a daily basis and with daily and weekly formal reports. These reports and daily briefs include any and all information pertaining to faults, areas of weakness, problems and future insight into what may occur. When these weaknesses are understood, solutions and specific actions/instructions are organized in an easy-to-implement fashion. Our scope of experience goes beyond than just the basic necessities that are often presumed with coin launches.

Marketing & Growth

This process includes and not limited to the following: whitepaper, website, forums, social media, bounties, discussion outlets, ICO landing page, professional appearances and a lot more. Most generic forms of “marketing” are implemented, along with abstract ideas and implementations that cater to specific audiences. The essential idea here is to market and create a positive climate behind the ICO, with: every detail ironed out.

Continued Advisory and Monitoring

Continued support, monitoring and actively helping you tackle foreseeable and ongoing issues. This remains a broad definition and could include various details, activities and etc. There are several fundamental steps to take during and after ICO’s are completed to ensure a successful and satisfactory placement within the markets; we’ll be there to guide and aid you at every step. This specific area is abstract and different for each team. To fully realize the significance of ico advisory and monitoring, individuals must have taken many (if not all) of the previous steps.


There’s a wide variety of activities and details that go into maintaining a coin and community, we create a tailored and structured strategy for: feature releases: partnerships, exchange listings, launches, news/information cycles, web-listings and more.

The Aftermath with Advisors

At this point, your coin has been launched and abiding by the road-map/structured strategy plan remains a priority. We’ll continue to provide consulting, advice and feedback when new and unforeseeable problems arise from various sources and for advising on strategic growth accelerators. Consulting with an experienced adviser, that understands cryptocurrency and business strategies on a fundamental level, is essential to maintaining growth.

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Through varying degrees of milestones typically achieved or roadblocks your project may have encountered, we assure all our prospective clients that our ICO advisors assist with initial ideas of the coin, to coins that have existed years on the markets. Most crypto’s historically exhibit the same cycles of organic SEM growth, from the inception to trading on world-renowned exchanges.

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