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I’m T.k. Hamed, self-proclaimed crypto guru. By being a general crypto advisor and eventually a(n) IEO and ICO advisor for over 6 years, I’ve acquired universal hands-on altcoin experiences, properly understanding the crucial knowledge needed to successfully launch and maintain your ICO, IEO or STO. Relentlessly, I emphasize: vision, insight and understanding by focusing on essential ideas, such as your blockchain vision, harboring larger community involvement and constructing a perfected framework to operate within. The objective is to provide you with quality strategy and growth consulting, so you posses the capacity to achieve all your blockchain goals.


T.k. Hamed has been and is currently involved in nearly every crypto process, from inception to active post-sale phases. Always engaged with all projects hands-on, 7 days a week.


Well-rounded briefs and consulting on an on-demand basis; along with having solutions to a considerable variety of key questions and potential problems at any moment.


CTE Advisor’s established reputation is tied to the founder, T.k. Hamed, who’s been an active: crypto community member, team advisor and a crypto leader for over 6 years

Strategic Growth – Expert IEO & ICO Advisor

Blockchain Consulting & Advisory

Strategic planning is fundamental for end-to-end blockchain consulting and advising. By understanding key indicators and various of: objectives, targets, comprehensive visions and more; my resources and I lend countless hours of experience, guidance and knowledge to your Blockchain or cryptocurrency team.

Marketing & Growth Hacking

Various of detailed and technical tactics are properly implemented and tactically used for the most effective outreach and community growth for your specific project. Several methods are implemented for little-to-no marketing costs. Effective due-diligence in understanding what works, what has worked and what doesn’t work is essential to maintaining maximum marketing/growth opportunities.

ICO/IEO/STO Project Analysis

There are countless of crypto and blockchain ICO / IEO project’s launching on a daily basis. Concurrently, understanding competition and the crypto-space as a whole, is frequently a fore-thought for startups. By delivering well-rounded years of crypto-specific experiences: data analysis, project analysis, competition analysis and environmental analysis (the crypto climate) are observations we measure on a daily basis.

Infrastructure & Engagement

Crypto and blockchain projects fail at various stages and points in their life-cycle. Understanding core components to provide an effective: vocal outreach, communication channels and general engagement infrastructure, should be acknowledged above any other shortfalls. Maintaining a perfected infrastructure accelerates growth, generates more community engagement and a creates a more orchestrated appearance on the world stage.

SEM Growth

SEM goes far beyond then conventional crypto growth hacking and marketing, representing a more traditional approach to gaining traction. Concurrently, SEM involves: social media, advertising and SEO capabilities which is more-than-often, non-existent or comes at unreasonable costs from outsiders. Having an effective SEM management strategy, will pay-back future dividends, with continual and effective traffic to your crucial points of interest.

Crypto Guru

Crypo experts and consultants specific to crypto and Blockchain are very rare. There are many abstract thoughts, tendencies and user-behaviors that are frequently uncommunicated and unknown. Understanding the target audience, behavior, trends and how an average crypto: investor, trader, hunter, academic, developer or newbie perceives cryptocurrency or blockchain itself, is some of the most valuable and treasured information that we offer.

A successful crypto begins with experienced and insightful strategists.

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Expected Outcome and Crypto-Markets

How to Sustain After the Sale

IEO & ICO Advising Crypto Teams

The following typically encompasses what you can reasonably expect from our expert IEO & ICO advisors. This does not represent our unique insight or extensive knowledge, but mainly the elementary ideas and part of the comprehensive framework that we operate within.

Before we begin our first interactions with clients, intricate research is conducted behind what has been already created. Due to the dynamic and changing nature of crypto, research remains the most essential step for all crypto: investors, enthusiasts, professionals and businesses. We come to the understanding: the niche of your coin, failures with strategy/growth and analyze all existing or former competition. These are just some of the several researching steps we take during this process.

Examining faults, failures, and well-perceived ideas behind your crypto or blockchain. This process begins before the coin is launched or during the early creation processes. These problems are often found during the research phase and persist throughout the entire phase of your crypto or blockchain.. Understanding specific: details, analytics and forecasts on a fundamental basis remains one of the most crucial actions taken by us.

Iterating on your fundamental ideas and re-working them when needed. By examining flaws before they are made public or correcting existing problems, helps the appearance of your coin to be more well-received by your community. We advise our clients on a daily basis and with daily and weekly formal reports. These reports and daily briefs include any and all information pertaining to faults, areas of weakness, problems and future insight into what may occur. When these weaknesses are understood, solutions and specific actions/instructions are organized in an easy-to-implement fashion. Our scope of experience goes beyond than just the basic necessities that are often presumed with coin launches.

This process includes and not limited to the following: whitepaper, website, forums, social media, bounties, discussion outlets, landing page, professional appearances and a lot more. Most generic forms of “marketing” are implemented, along with abstract ideas and implementations that cater to specific audiences. The essential idea here is to market and create a positive climate behind the crypto or blockchain sale, with: every detail ironed out.

Continued support, monitoring and actively helping you tackle foreseeable and ongoing issues. This remains a broad definition and could include various details, activities and etc. There are several fundamental steps to take during and after the crypto sale is completed, to ensure a successful and satisfactory placement within the markets; we’ll be there to guide and aid you at every step. This specific area is abstract and different for each team. To fully realize the significance of crypto or blockchain advisory and monitoring, individuals must have taken many (if not all) of the previous steps.

Most cryptocurrency and blockchain team’s stagnant and ultimately colapse, due to inexperience with running the business and continual efforts towards audience capturing.  There’s a wide variety of activities and details that go into maintaining a coin and community, we create a tailored and structured strategy for: feature releases: partnerships, exchange listings, launches, news/information cycles, web-listings and more.

At this point, your coin has been launched and abiding by the road-map/structured strategy plan remains a priority. We’ll continue to provide consulting, advice and feedback when new and unforeseeable problems arise from various sources and for advising on strategic growth accelerators. Consulting with an experienced adviser, that understands cryptocurrency and business strategies on a fundamental level, is essential to maintaining growth.

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Contact us for an advisory session. Our Crypto, IEO and ICO Advisors will critically analyze your ICO or IEO and provide feedback with in-depth analysis.