Areas of Expertise

Due to our extensive abilities and insight within the crypto world, there remains a wide-variety of topics, and intuition skills that are not listed here. The following areas are only the generic services we offer, if you choose CTE Advisor, to advise and consult your ICO, STO or airdrop.

  • Overall ICO or STO vision assessment
  • Maintaining community involvement
  • Flaws with how information is passes from the team to investors
  • Garnering more investor interest
  • Appearing in a professional manner
  • Technical Blockchain and token solutions
  • Community development and social promotion
  • Marketing your coin and identifying expenditures that are not necessary
  • Expedited exchange listings
  • Compliance Analysis
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Investor Prospects
  • Legal Consulting
  • Advisors, consultants and individuals who will be at the negotiation tables
  • Bounty support
  • Appearances and identifying points of weaknesses with your website, ANN, or other web-pages.
  • Distribution flaws
  • Readiness & Assessment
  • Compliance Analysis
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Investor Perspective Evaluations
  • Identifying malicious users
  • Filtering and removal of multiple stake holders or “puppet accounts”
  • Flaws with how information is passes from the team to investors
  • Maintaining and growing community involvement
  • Areas of weakness
  • Making your airdrop appear as a well structured and funded coin (like an ICO)
  • Bounty support
  • Community development and social promotion
  • Technical Blockchain and token solutions
  • Expedite exchange listings
  • Advisors, consultants and individuals who will be at the negotiation tables, when the time is right
  • Each CTE Advisor employee has 5 years’ experience in crypto consulting, dating back to the first altcoins and ICO’s
  • Assisting with Whitepaper writing, structure and finalization
  • ICO funding analysis
  • General outlets for marketing and advertisements
  • Team formation, descriptions of each team member
  • Searching for partners and new team members worldwide
  • Generic psychology behind user interactions
  • Large audience support (Dealing with questions, feedback, fud, etc)
  • Correcting fatal flaws and drawbacks during ICO and Airdrop process
  • Advancing agendas and guiding towards larger profits
  • Technical Consulting
  • Making contacts, connections and assistance with deals/partnership process
  • Media plan development
  • Assistance with community engagement from developing team
  • Assistance with community engagement in all formats
  • Answering and dealing with user constructive criticism
  • Organizing community efforts
  • Utilizing community efforts
  • Handling with negative publicity
  • Telegram and or Discord Growth
  • Anti-Fraud Management
  • News and press release assistance
  • Assisting with presentations and speeches
  • Branded merchandise development
  • Organization of offline and online speaking engagements
  • Development of business cards and booklets, etc
  • Negotiating deals with similar blockchains or real-world industries
  • Contacts in several key categories pertaining to services around cryptos
  • Identifying target Audiences
  • Consumer market segmentation
  • Identifying direct and indirect competitors
  • Budgeting
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Marketing Strategy Assessment
  • Commercial proposals development
  • ICO trackers
  • Exchanges
  • Project marketing and advertisement after the crowdfunding stage
  • General consulting, advise and feedback for fresh ideas
  • Bounty analysis and feedback
  • Airdropped coin analysis and feedback
Social Media
  • Target audience analysis
  • Determination of most valuable communication channels with targeted audience
  • Competitors analysis
  • Frequency determination of publications
  • Developing the necessary internal documents: FAQ internal/external, QU, editorial policy, legality and more
  • Rebranding of old social media accounts & design updates
  • Assisting with content plans
  • Developing an advertising plan (paid ads, free ads, share for share ads)
  • Increasing subscriber’s engagement
  • Statistical analysis and Public relation management
  • Analyzing user sentiments and questions, revealing them to the team
  • Assistance in identifying the projects: vision, mission, values, style and positioning
  • Identifying themes behind graphics, logos and color schemes
  • All outlets displaying a coherent scheme, logo’s and message
  • Devising project slogans
Whitepaper/One Page
  • Primary data collection, processing and detailed structures
  • Developing and alignment the working model of White Paper
  • Design and processing the final version of White Paper
  • Grammar and Sentence Structures
  • Coherent Thoughts & Flow Structure
  • Development specifications
  • Domain and hosting
  • Webpage design
  • Webpage slicing
  • Webpage quality assurance
  • A/B testing
  • Webpage conversion increasing
  • General security measures and general protection against threats
Bounty Campaign
  • Concept development
  • Tokens allocations
  • Monitoring participants engagement
  • Airdrop launching, support and moderation
  • Advertising and user participation towards the bounty
  • Final results and rewards calculation
  • Creation of final spreadsheet with rewards
  • Basic bounty excel sheets created
  • All forms of technical assistance offered, Java, ERC-20 token and basic Bitcoin based blockchains.
  • Token Metrics Analysis
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Smart Contract Audits
  • & More

Consulting and Advising

Why CTE Advisors?

One of the final missing puzzles within this field is the ability to gather expertise beyond coding, marketing and gathering funds. Advisors are often viewed in the aftermath of ICO or STO, portrayed as a marketing stunt to appear to have a well-versed team ready to solve any problems at any time. Often, individuals who advise ICO and STOs are big names in other industries (or have large social media presence), with a well-versed background in the niche of the ICO or airdrop, and not within crypto-currency itself. Advisors and consultants specific to digital currencies are very rare, and gathering highly-specific crypto related information is virtually non-existent.

Our team at CTE Advisor, is highly experienced within the domain of crypto-currency and have remained very active within’s forums and other similar crypto-related websites. We are investors, creators, traders and community members of various of coins. Through our love, passion and dedication, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge pertaining to all digital currencies, launching during various market peaks, troughs and trends.

General Consulting

When beginning the process of researching the field behind the particular coin, initial analysis and research must be conducted, to find potential failures and any progress being made with other projects. If a coin has already initiated, launched and or floating on the markets without any clear direction, then research is critical in examining the fail points within the coin’s market and how information from the creators, to the investors, and or community, is delivered.

We’ll ultimately become as informed as you are about your coin, and then deliver on our expertise in resolving past, present and potentially future issues that arise with your coin.

Prospects and Financial Gains

Advisors for your ICO, STO or airdrop is one of the final crucial parts for your coin as a whole, helping to gain confidence from investors and supporters. Our names in the crypto-world are known, and our ability to examine failures and assist you on your way to creating the best coin possible remains in arms reach. CTE Advisor provides you stability, reliability and integrity that you need for your platform or coin.

What you can ultimately expect from our services is a grand boost in quality, that will ultimately lead to a more profitable and successful coin in the eyes of your investors.

Social Development

Without a community of investors, then no value can be derived from your coin. It’s very essential that your investors and general supports feel secure with your team, when discussing your coin, investing, and trading. With ongoing bull-and-bear markets within crypto, reaching and maintaining community stability can prove to be highly difficult.

We have the experience and recognize potential flaws in how coin creators interact with their community base. There are several ways that investors can feel satisfied with your coin, outside of the actual development of your platform or coin.


Our technical advisors and former developers have assisted and created several coins since the inception of the very first ICO. Our experiences reside within: creating new blockchains, iterating on ERC20 coins and other platforms. Through our guidance, we’ll help you resolve any technical or developing issue that may arise during the development of your coin.