Community distributed coins (70%-100% Airdropped) remains an increasingly popular method to gain a large audience, quickly and cost-effectively. There are various of problems that arise, mainly due to the psychology behind gaining something “for free” or with minimal effort. Whereas with a(n) ICO or STO, investors and community adopters can expect a team that will be working for many months, if not years to better their prospects. Airdrop-coins have increasing uncertainty when it comes to future stability, due to the low entry-barrier and often, lack of transparency. According to our research, we estimate that almost 95% of all pure-airdropped coins will fail. This is a staggering number, and is highly inflated due to get-quick-rich schemes and pyramids.

For those remaining 5% that we service, you can expect solutions to your distribution and consulting and advisory levels that the best ICO & STOs receive.

Basic Summary of What We Offer

At CTE Advisor we identify these main categories (+more) and help you fulfill what you’ve set out to accomplish with your Airdrop.

  • Distribution flaws
  • Readiness & Assessment
  • Compliance Analysis
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Filtering and removal of multiple stake holders or “puppet accounts”
  • Flaws with how information is passes from the team to your community
  • Maintaining and growing community involvement
  • Areas of weakness
  • Making your airdrop appear as a well structured and funded coin (like an ICO)
  • Bounty support
  • Community development and social promotion
  • Technical Blockchain and token solutions
  • Expedite exchange listings
  • Advisors, consultants and individuals who will be at the negotiation tables, when the time is right
  • A team you can rely and trust at any step in your coin process

Why CTE Advisor Airdrops?

100% Purely community distributed airdrops, have lower success rates than ICO & STOs. This is often due to: invested interest (monetary) in the coin, ability to maintain growth and deliver proper support. CTE Advisor can help you overcome these difficulties and give you the insight needed to deploy the most: transparent, stable and trustworthy airdrop that can be conceived. T.k. Hamed has been in airdrops since the launch of NEM, which profited its adopters millions of USD. He ultimately sought to replicate NEM, and revolutionize airdrops with his Nevra, which saw unprecedented positive responses. We can bring you the same appeal and more at CTE Advisor.

For more information, check out our specific areas of services.