T.k. Hamed

T.k. Hamed

Founder & Lead Advisor

For my authenticity within crypto, I encourage you to read through my posts/history on Bitcointalk. It serves as a record of my actions and what i actively accomplish within the crypto community.

About CTE Advisor

(2015 – Present)

Coin Trader’s Evolution (CTE) Advisory, was founded from the ashes of Coins Source Inc (2013-2015), which innovated and changed the crypto space entirely. There was a large sum of leftover pieces, contacts and involvement in the crypto-world, forming under a new specific company to address these issues was ultimately needed. All advisors and consultants are highly vetted at CTE, and always are on the look-out for experienced and talented individuals to become involved with us. We’ve been in crypto-currency since the very first alt-coins and invested in the first ICO’s on Bitcointalk.org. Our passion has always been investing, trading and understanding the technology that’s shaping all our futures.

In total, T.k. Hamed has spends hundreds of hours on a weekly basis (researching, advising clients and etc), and over the past 5-years, gained thousands if not tens-of-thousands of hours of crypto-experience, in all areas of launching coins: from development, to community reception, marketing and knowing what it takes to be a top 100 crypto.

About Coins Source


Since many questions arise about “What was Coins Source,” and what was accomplished, i’ve found a former “update,” and compiled all that information below (the graphics). This will serve as some insight into what exactly Coins Source was, and how it changed the crypto sphere. Several: ideas, innovations and concepts that we have come to accept today, in one form or another, originated from the central idea of what Coins Source represented. The official post can be found here. This part is merely an explanation of some of our previous experience, evidence that what’s ultimately claimed by ICO Advisor’s of CTE Advisor, can be substantiated.

Coins Source was the first and largest alternative-coin specific website and at its height, had over 3,000 daily unique-users accessing the site (in 2014-2015), when crypto markets were 1/20 the size they are today.

One of the many major achievements of Coins Source was the creation of the first KYC process, specific to coin developers, called Trust Index. Trust Index helped pave the path for greater transparency among developers. We actively verified over 75+ coin launches and developers at our height, and later launched Proof-of-honor, a community vote for the best developer of the year, which was also a major success. (POH Thread)

Coins Source featured: the latest coin articles, newest crypto launches, coin reviews, market analysis, market information, crypto-guides, mining guides and several other miscellaneous information specific to alternative coins, during a different era in crypto. Coins Source was the first crypto company that presented in-depth coin reviews and coin rankings.

There were many achievements and innovations that were accomplished with Coins Source, and the innovations and ideas founded with CSource, still reverberate through the entire crypto world today. We were ultimately known throughout the crypto-space by promoting/acknowledging and being involved with some of the top 20-coins today We were known throughout the crypto-space by promoting/acknowledging and being involved with some of the top 20-coins today, such as: Monero, Dash, NEM and Stellar, and some of the most prestigious U.S.-Based exchanges, Poloniex & Bittrex.


Features of Coins Source

1) Daily News and Investment Advising with Big data analytic filtering
2) Reviews, Scoring and Market analysis for over 130+ Alternative coins
3) Market Analysis – Analyze Any Coin on the Markets
4) Trade Today – Featuring the top 5 hottest coins and Market Health With CDEX
5) Coin Market Index. Monitor the health of all Coin Markets in Real-Time
6} Profitability Calculators for your favorite alt-coins
7) Coin Portfolio System
8 ) Social Profiles
9) Learning Center – Over 6 Guides into introductory into Crypto currencies
10) User Generated News, Via “The Grid”
11) SourceCoin Integrated Reward and Payout System
12) User Social Wall, Messaging, Following, Rating and More
13) Forums with Professionals on standby to answer all your questions
14) Beautifully designed interface, access any coin in seconds!

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